Neha Mittal

NehaIf there is one sentence (or a group of them) that explains one of the most important reasons for my incessant need to travel, it is this, by Anthony Bourdain:



“Do we really want to travel in hermetically sealed popemobiles through the rural provinces of France, Mexico and the Far East, eating only in Hard Rock Cafes and McDonalds? Or do we want to eat without fear, tearing into the local stew, the humble Taqueria’s mystery meat, the sincerely offered gift of a lightly grilled fish head? I know what I want. I want it all. I want to try everything once.”

Food is a great unifier and weaves the globe together like nothing else. Every journey expands my palate to new a level. Digging into the first local dish in a new country is like a secret waiting to be unraveled. My heart flutters like a lover ready to propose to his love, every time I bring a spoonful (sometime handful) of a new local delicacy to my lips. Food transports our souls to wherever we want it to go to.

Talking of love, I am married to a man who is as passionate about travel and food as I am. This makes it easier to explain why I NEEDED to taste that smoked whale at the fish market in Hanseatic Wharf at Bergen, Norway, or why I would love to risk my life over a Fugu, when we visit Japan.

Food is also like pictures from a journey. No, not really. It is better. It is better because once you are back to your ordinary regular life; you can recreate the world you travelled to, by just crafting the food that you liked from the faraway land. It is magic reminiscing and evoking nostalgia, when we recreate a meal from a land beyond.

I invite you into my journey of soul-transportation, while I share my cooking experiments from across the globe and recreate memories that I have made over my many travels.


Jay Mody

What started off as a series of articles and views written in a state of existential angst in 2001 morphed into a strong desire to write about my travels by the year 2008. Ever since, I have been writing about all my travels around the world.

By profession, I was a management consultant (and now in corporate strategy) which meant a lot of traveling and I was fortunate enough to have traveled not just in India but globally as well. This created a strong sense of wanderlust in me which doesn’t seem to die down and get fueled more by the longing eyes of my equally well-traveled wife.

I have traveled to parts of six continents and done a roadtrip in five and for some reason I feel like I have hardly traveled. Join me on an emotional journey across various places we visit, fueled by dreams of “On the road” by Jack Kerouac and “Into the wild” by Jon Krakauer. Join me on a walk along those dusty streets and a drive down those lonesome roads where the skies turn crimson and the stars really shine.


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