Coconut in Ice cream form... what's not to like?

Our Top 5 Food Experiences in Bangkok!

It’s hot, it’s steamy, it’s colourful and it is in extremes. No middle-paths here. Both Thailand and Thai food! And Bangkok is an exemplary sampling of what Thai food is. In big restaurants and small road-side eateries, the exotic Thai flavours carry through. We used Bangkok as a two-day stayover before we embarked upon our Siem Reap adventures. I wasn’t expecting a lot, being just a city that it is.
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My Thai – Going the green curry way!

I think that the one cuisine which has taken over the world by a storm (or, lemongrass) is Thai (other than Italian of course). In Australia, every third eating joint is a Thai restaurant. Back home in India, almost all 5-star hotels have a Thai restaurant option and smaller players are getting into the Thai food wagon in hoards. So then who am I to not join that party? Thai
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Coconut marries Fruit!

Coconut and fruits are a match made in heaven. No, they are! Ask a Pina Colada, or, the insanely amazing Mango sticky rice we had in Thailand. Back in Australia, we are in the midst of winter and mangoes aren’t easy to procure right now. Also, it doesn’t really help that the husband and I are Gluten-free until further notice. But I was adamant in using coconut and fruit together
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