Gluten Free Pita Bread

For the love of Falafel (Part 2): Pita Bread GF

Food related ideas and plans excite me. So did the idea of creating a Lebanese themed dinner at home, complete with Falafel, hummus, tabbouleh and Pita Bread… err, what? Isn’t Pita Bread a high gluten item? It is. And, I tested the hundreds of Gluten free wraps and rolls available in the market. To say the best, I wouldn’t deem them right for human consumption. So then, I embarked on
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For the love of Falafel

I’ve always hated Falafel. Blasphemy? Yes. But you cannot hold me responsible as the ones I had always had were greasy, doughy and dense balls of something I could never say what. And, it’s a pet peeve of mine – when I eat something that doesn’t taste like anything, I get suspicious! Well, fortunately for the culinary world, that changed. We made travel plans to Jordan. While travel planning (which means
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Top 7 food experiences in Jordan

Sahtain! The Arabic word that means double-health and used to wish people enjoying their food was going to be the central theme of our travel to Jordan. And, it was proven right on each of the eight days that we ate our way through Jordan. Weavobe brings you the top 7 food experiences to try in Jordan: Kunafeh – For me, dessert always comes first. If you are one of
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