Ferrero-rocheresque Balls!!

Ferrero-rocheresque Chocolate Balls – Healthy Energy Shots

This recipe is not a result of a travel inspiration, but a travel necessity. You know by now, how we love to go on long hikes and lone roads and walk miles to witness the lonely hourly-steam-spouting geyser in the middle of nowhere. This, sometimes comes with a unique but very real problem. Food. You need instant energy to do all the tough hikes. At the same time, its practically impossible to carry loads of food in your backpack.
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Gluten Free Pita Bread

For the love of Falafel (Part 2): Pita Bread GF

Food related ideas and plans excite me. So did the idea of creating a Lebanese themed dinner at home, complete with Falafel, hummus, tabbouleh and Pita Bread… err, what? Isn’t Pita Bread a high gluten item? It is. And, I tested the hundreds of Gluten free wraps and rolls available in the market. To say the best, I wouldn’t deem them right for human consumption. So then, I embarked on
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For the love of Falafel

I’ve always hated Falafel. Blasphemy? Yes. But you cannot hold me responsible as the ones I had always had were greasy, doughy and dense balls of something I could never say what. And, it’s a pet peeve of mine – when I eat something that doesn’t taste like anything, I get suspicious! Well, fortunately for the culinary world, that changed. We made travel plans to Jordan. While travel planning (which means
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Coconut in Ice cream form... what's not to like?

Our Top 5 Food Experiences in Bangkok!

It’s hot, it’s steamy, it’s colourful and it is in extremes. No middle-paths here. Both Thailand and Thai food! And Bangkok is an exemplary sampling of what Thai food is. In big restaurants and small road-side eateries, the exotic Thai flavours carry through. We used Bangkok as a two-day stayover before we embarked upon our Siem Reap adventures. I wasn’t expecting a lot, being just a city that it is.
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My Thai – Going the green curry way!

I think that the one cuisine which has taken over the world by a storm (or, lemongrass) is Thai (other than Italian of course). In Australia, every third eating joint is a Thai restaurant. Back home in India, almost all 5-star hotels have a Thai restaurant option and smaller players are getting into the Thai food wagon in hoards. So then who am I to not join that party? Thai
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A throwback to the culinary delights of Peru

Creating food from the lands beyond, is a sure way to barge into the memories from your old journeys. The thing with food is, that your food journey doesn’t necessarily end with your travel; if anything, it is only born there. I find that I take food inspiration from all our travels, whether it is adding a Creole touch to my food by taking inspiration from the cuisine in Seychelles
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Top 7 food experiences in Jordan

Sahtain! The Arabic word that means double-health and used to wish people enjoying their food was going to be the central theme of our travel to Jordan. And, it was proven right on each of the eight days that we ate our way through Jordan. Weavobe brings you the top 7 food experiences to try in Jordan: Kunafeh – For me, dessert always comes first. If you are one of
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